Inside every little creature there’s a lot of creativity just waiting to get out.
At the Little Creatures Collective we know how to set it free.

The Little Creatures Collective Art School is run by a highly qualified and enthusiastic team of Artists & Teachers. Our goal is to promote and develop visual arts within our community and beyond! The sessions aim to develop visual art skills in all our students while instilling confidence and a passion for the creative process.

All teaching staff and facilitators carry a current Working With Children’s Check and First Aid Training Qualifications.



Director & Founder

Beck is an inspiring and accomplished Fine Artist who has a caring and compassionate approach to all who attend her school. As the founder and mastermind behind the Little Creatures Collective, Beck’s creative accomplishments can be seen through the way in which she runs her school, supports her community, charities, other local businesses and fellow artists.

Beck is of the opinion that in the early years a child’s art should not focus solely on the end product, but rather on the creative process itself. “At the heart of every artwork there is a creative journey, and for me this is the most important part of making art. Through our own creative process we learn so much about ourselves, and when we collaborate we learn about each others creative processes and become inspired”.

Beck’s passion for art began in early childhood. Now as a mother Beck loves to teach her talent to her daughter and her community.

“I was lucky enough to develop a love of art at a young age in an art school much like Little Creatures Collective. I went on to study fine art and have been developing my skills ever since. Teaching others and watching them discover their creative side in a collaborative environment is immensely satisfying to me. Instilling confidence, skills and maybe even a lifelong passion like my own is what the Little Creatures Collective is all about.”

Beck is an avid supporter of the arts and works harmoniously with other local artists and businesses to build and strengthen the arts for all children within her community and beyond.

Beck employs and supports other local artists and teachers through their journey as part of her ongoing support to the arts community.

Education and qualifications:

  • First Aid and Emergency Care – Level 2
  • Certified Food Safety Supervisor – Health and Community Services Sector
  • Work Place Hygiene - Health and Community Services Sector
  • Diploma In Fine Art - Box Hill Institute
  • Certificate III in Community Services Work - Centre For Adult Education
  • Associate Degree Biotechnology - Box Hill Institute
  • Diploma of Laboratory Techniques (Biotechnology) - Box Hill Institute
  • Certificate IV Science (Physical Sciences) - Box Hill Institute

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Artist & Teacher

Kanada believes in art as a therapeutic process that allows children to take a step back from their already busy lives to reflect and be mindful of what's going on for them on any given day. It's about students being aware of how they feel, so as not to loose this connection with themselves as they grow older.

Kanada brings her understanding of art as a form of communication and expression to her classes and seeks to help children to develop skills and confidence they need during their early education years.

Believing in the power of art to inspire, Kanada creates a safe place for our students and parents, creating a sense of fun and community.

Kanada loves to see her students play, explore and experiment, while building on their creative abilities. In fact, the highlight of her days is seeing her students dancing and painting at the easel! 

Kanada is naturally caring and nurturing which allows her to connect with both children and parents quickly and easily. She is compassionate, attentive and generous with her time and effort and her students just love her!

With a background in art and education, Kanada’s knowledge and experience in these areas enriches our classes in so many ways!

Education and qualifications:

  • Graduate Certificate of Arts (Media and Communications), Swinburne University
  • Diploma of Art Therapy, Phoenix Institute of Australia
  • Bachelor or Arts – Secondary Teaching / Bachelor of Arts – Visual Arts, The Australian Catholic University 
  • Certificate III in Floriculture, Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Certificate IV Training   Workspace Assessment, Vitreous

Kanada’s list of qualifications is both extensive and impressive and she is passionate about continuous learning, personal growth and the teaching of others!