Inside every little creature there’s a lot of creativity just waiting to get out. At the Little Creatures Collective we know how to set it free

Our Mission

At Little Creatures Collective our mission is to promote and develop visual arts within our community and beyond!

Our sessions aim to develop fine art skills in all our students while instilling a passion for the creative process and arming our students with confidence and the persistence required to be innovative and creative Little Creatures

About The School

At Little Creatures Collective our Little, Young & Teen Artists thrive in our truly unique setting, a fine art studio just for children and teens. We understand the necessity for high quality art programs and arts education for children and we aim to provide classes which are inspiring and unique in every way!

Founded in Seddon in 2013 by local artist and mum Beck Ferguson the school has flourished. It has quickly become a much-loved favourite and go-to activity for the lovers of art, attracting students from all over Melbourne.

The school itself is awe-inspiring, a professional fit-out paired with highly qualified teaching staff – trained in Fine Art, Early Childhood Development, Disability Studies, and Art Therapy & Teaching – ensuring a well rounded experience and catering to any budding artist. Our classes are unique in that they incorporate elements of mindfulness, each class designed is to be an enriching experience for each student.

The school also supports and hosts guest artists from around Melbourne who share their passion for art and impart their skills and knowledge as working artists.

About The Classes

Our age-appropriate art classes are crafted to enhance creativity and imagination through the joy of visual art. Children are free to explore and develop their own personal style using the fine art techniques we teach — from painting to drawing, sculpture to animation, and everything in between. No matter what the creative result new skills and confidence are assured.

It’s not always about being the next Renoir. It’s about collaborating, playing, learning and creating in a bright, safe environment.

It’s a great place to learn, create together and meet other creative families. Better still, everything is provided and you don’t have to clean up afterwards!

With Term Classes and Holiday Programs for 2-15 year-olds The Little Creatures Collective art studio welcomes all budding artists. If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that you’re never too young to express yourself through the joy of art.

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