Mindfulness Through Art

Intuitive art making, unleash your inner canvas

At Little Creatures Collective we offer a one-of-a-kind Mindfulness Through Art Program, which see our students enjoying all the light-hearted pleasure and creativity of our Artist Programs with the addition of mindfulness activities and guided mediation, design for kids!

For kids, mindfulness is a big word. But really, it’s about being aware of everything around you at that moment – right now - what you’re sitting on, what you can hear, how you’re feeling, how your body feels and what you can smell, see or touch.

Through mindfulness we can arm children with coping skills by helping them find new ways to deal with stress and anxiety and to experience more calm and focus in their lives.  It can help improve their ability to pay attention, clam down when they’re upset and to make better decisions.By linking art with mindfulness, we can increase the connection between expression and how creating art can help people with their emotions, health and general well-being.

Little Creatures Collective Mindfulness Through Art Program is an 9-week program focusing on mindfulness and meditative art exercises. The sessions are run by arts educator and qualified arts therapist Kanada and developed in consultation with The Family Psychology Centre.

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