Teen Artists
Grades 7-9

Teen Artist Classes are for students enrolled in grades 7-9 in 2018 and are run during school term on Thursdays and Saturdays. The following streams are now available to teen students:

Teen Artists: Ceramic Sculpture (Thursday 4:30pm)

Teen Artists Program - Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting & Drawing (Thursdays 4:30pm)

Teen Artists : Draw, Paint & Sculpt  (Saturday 11am)

Teen Artists: Printmaking (Saturday 11am)

Every new student receives a materials pack and visual diary to record their art adventures!

All materials are provided including apron. Each Teen Artist will be treated to a healthy snack of fruit and popcorn to nourish their creativity. 

A great way to nurture creativity in any teen!

To enrol for a full term see below or email for further details [email protected]littlecreaturescollective.com

Upcoming Classes

Teen Artists Program- Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting & Drawing!

Learning new techniques while developing your own unique style as an artist.

After School classes for teens enrolled in grades 7-9 and are run during school term.

Each class we will be building on and enhancing fine art skills through sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, painting and drawing from observation as well as crafting projects.

The classes aim to provide students with access to a vast range of quality art mediums whilst developing technical skills as a Teen Artists.

Each term students will rotate through our 3 custom-built contemporary studio spaces within our school providing students with access to ceramic sculpture studio with kiln, painting and printmaking studio and illustration studio.

Each week, students will learn how to plan out and produce finished pieces of art through creative process as well as recording their ideas in a visual diary.

The classes are designed to enhance the student’s own unique style through the techniques we teach.

Students have the freedom to work at their own pace. Small class sizes of no more than 8 students ensure optimum development and a well-rounded experience.

Classes encourage creative expression, teaching students communication skills, critical thinking and the ability to work collaboratively. 

Teen Artists Mentor Group (Year 7-9 Students)

Master the art of Illustration, Painting & Sculpture through coaching from a trained eye.

In these sessions students will be presented with a subject matter, and will learn varied drawing & painting techniques through close observation and practice with contour, gesture, perspective, shading, and colour. Students will be inspired by the insightful teachings of our Mentoring Group Leaders.

Mentor groups of 6-8 students- focusing on the technical skills development of its members with the assistance of a Mentoring Group Leader. This group-oriented experience provides numerous kinds of mentoring assistance including information sharing, advice, coaching, and empowering individuals to greater competency. We welcome students of all skill levels to to join these groups.

Armed with newfound confidence and keen observational skills, students will leave with a greater understanding of the elements of art, color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value. These sessions are best suited to students who are looking to developing their illustration & painting skills as an artist as well as further develop their skills through observational drawing. Students are required to practice their newfound skills at home through the exercises we teach. In order for students to do so they are provided with a materials pack containing all the equipment they need to practice at home.

The goal of these sessions is to see students working independently at home to further develop their skills. Weekly attendance is required and students are required to bring their works from home to share each session.

To enrol for a full term see below or email for further details [email protected]littlecreaturescollective.com